Make any vehicle an electric vehicle.

I engineered and 3D modeled the Stealth Drive for Stealth EV as a aftermarket solution to convert traditional vehicls into EV’s.

Stealth Drive mates to a vehicle’s existing driveline to make any car, truck, or boat into an electric vehicle.

The Stealth Drive is already powering cars, trucks, and even boats. With Stealth EV’s recent acquisition by Hypercraft, the Stealth Drive will soon be powering many more vehicles.

First Run Production

Stock for milling the first run.

Drive-side housing on the CNC mill.

The first assembly of the Stealth Drive.

Packaging Design

Box Graphics

I wanted to design packaging that felt like a consumer electronic product because Stealth Drive will be sold as an aftermarket part for enthusiasts to modify their vehicles. The line drawings represent the technical detail that went into the development of the Stealth Drive.

Unboxing Experience

Stealth Drive is a heavy product, so it was important that the packaging was able to be opened without needing to move the motor. I came up with the concept for a box that unfolds away from the motor. The Styrofoam inserts are custom molded to feel premium while protecting the motor. The outer cover holds the lower box together, equalizing support throughout the structure of the packaging.

Jack Koby | Copyright 2022