A profile view of the Arc One

Arc One

I created renderings for Arc Boats’ initial media blitz. The Arc One was designed by Micahel DiTullo and the hull was modeled by Arc’s engineers.

Generate media buzz using renderings.

A top view of the Arc One

Media Blitz

The renderings I created of the Arc One were used to generate media attention and attract investors.
A screenshot of a live broadcast from CNN showing renderings of the Arc One.A screenshot of an article from Bloomberg.A screenshot of the Robb Report.A screenshot of an article on The Verge.A graphic showing that Arc Boats raised $30 Million.

Fusion 360

I used Fusion 360 to 3D model interior components, wooden deck features, as well as other details to add more realism for rendering.
A screenshot from Fusion 360.

Keyshot Pro

Using custom materials, HDRIs, and video maps in Keyshot Pro, I rendered the Arc One showing off its premium features.
A screenshot from Keyshot 10 Pro.

Photoshop CC

I composited renderings in Photoshop in order to make specific details pop in the images.
A screenshot from Photoshop.

Arc One was rendered to feel clean, modern, and powerful.

A plan view of the Arc One.
A rendering of the Arc One at sunset.

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